Student Guidelines

NCECP Distance Education courses were developed by experienced early childhood college instructors on a post-secondary level. Courses require students to implement activities and assignments with children from Infancy to Grade 3.

Please Note: These courses are geared for self motivated individuals with solid academic skills who work with children from infancy through third-grade. Be aware that a certain amount of discipline and structure is required for any student choosing a self study learning path.

Instructor Support

Instructor support is available to every student. Students must contact the instructor by e-mail upon receipt of the course materials. To promote a positive learning experience, students are encouraged to contact the instructor as soon as a question or concern arises and/or to clarify concepts or assignments.

Evaluation Procedures

There are multiple modules in each course and each is presented as a self-contained unit with its own syllabus, which includes the course description, course objectives, required texts and DVD, course activities, and evaluation procedures. Students are graded on a pass/fail system. If a student fails a module, they are given the option of taking the module over, or ending their course of study without earning the CEU credits.

Factors considered in determining competency include ability to support arguments, ideas, and suggestions with information from readings, experience, and other research. In addition, all written work should be thorough, thoughtful, neat, and attractive, and contain proper spelling, punctuation, and syntax. Each assignment should respond directly to the questions posed fully and succinctly. Most assignments should be one to two typed pages in length, double-spaced.

While the modules are presented as self-contained, each module incorporates what the student learned in the prior module(s) and slowly increases in difficulty. Thus, the sequence the modules are offered in is fixed and may not be altered.


Students are expected to submit coursework at 2-week intervals (or sooner) to ensure sufficient time for instructor feed-back and completion of assignment(s) and return of course materials within the 63 days allowed per signed enrollment form/contract.

Instructors will respond within 48 hours (unless otherwise arranged) to assignments submitted in accordance with this 2-week interval plan. Students not adhering to this policy or who submit assignments “out of order” risk delayed input based on the Instructors’ obligations to other students in compliance. This may further result in late fees of $5 per day billed directly to the student’s credit card.

Terms & Conditions

The costs of the Distance Education courses, which include door to door shipping and handling, must be paid up front. Students are required to secure their Distance Education participation with a credit card and agree to pay for any lost, damaged, late or non-returned materials.

Course offerings 101&201 are loaned for a maximum of 21 days. Course offerings 301&401 are loaned for a maximum of 63 days. Each module should be turned in within a 2-week time frame. For more details, see Cancellation Policy.

When the course has been completed satisfactorily, the student will be mailed a certificate of completion. (Additional copies can be ordered for a fee of $10 each.)