Here are some of the testimonials we have received from past student:

“Katie [Doherty] was a fantastic teacher to work with. She was very informative and responded to assignments in a timely fashion – always with positive feedback.” –Jennifer

“This course [Supervision & Administration of Early Childhood Programs] provided an excellent background in administration. It was challenging and extremely useful and helpful. Kara [Berry] was quick to get back to me with answers to questions and was very supportive of my completed assignments.” –Natasha

“This course [Infant & Toddler Curriculum] was easy to follow and organized very well. The
instructor [Kristin Russo] was very understanding and easy to contact. She gave great feedback and was very punctual.” –Amanda

“I have learned so many things and will apply all the lessons in my future work. The instructor [Kara Berry] was very helpful and I am thankful for her assistance.] –Daisy

“I learned so much, particularly about motor planning, something I had little knowledge of prior to this. Katie [the instructor] was fantastic. Very encouraging and positive. Always available and timely.” –Laura