Distance Education


Farewell from the NCECP

As mentioned on our home page, it is time for the NCECP to close our doors, given the changing dynamics of the early learning and childcare industry in recent years. We are grateful for your support and the opportunity to provide distance education to so many. 

We are no longer accepting Distance Education students. We are leaving this information up so that our remaining students can access, if needed.

Thank you for your patronage!


Distance Education Program (Closed as of June 15, 2023)

Every student in our program receives one-on-one support from a qualified instructor to help with individual learning needs. Instructors work with students via e-mail whenever needed during the training experience.

Our Distance Education courses may be taken to earn early childhood Professional Development Points (PDPs), Continuing Education Units (CEUs), Training Hours (THs) or simply to fulfill an interest and further your knowledge. The courses are continually being evaluated and updated to ensure that the information is relevant to your educational needs. Check with your state educational agency to see if credits earned from our courses are accepted.

Here’s How It Works

  • StudentLS004115s choose a course based on their education needs or interests. Each course earns 45 PDPs/THs or 4.5 CEUs. The student then fills out the registration form found here.
  • A welcome letter is emailed to the student with their instructor contact information and the name of their course text (we recommend visiting
    directtextbook.com for comparison pricing).

    • Note: Due to the popularity of some courses, the student may be placed on a waiting list depending on instructor availability.
  • Once the student has purchased and received their textbook(s), they will contact their instructor and begin their course. Courses are to be completed within 63 days.
  • Each course contains individual modules and assignments along with links to online resources. Modules must be completed in order and the student must receive a passing grade on their module and confirmation from their instructor that they may move onto the next module. A module is expected to be completed every two weeks in order to stay within the course completion time frame.

Note: In addition to ensuring that our required texts are comprehensive and high quality, they can be rented or purchased used for a reasonable price. Visit directtextbook.com for a variety of purchase options.


Tuition for Distance Education courses is payable by credit card upon order submission.

  • Courses earning 45 PDPs/THs or 4.5 CEUs are $350.00 (now $320!), not including the required textbook purchase by the student.
  • Students are responsible for purchasing their own textbooks: A useful resource is directtextbook.com, which gives prices for new and used books from all available sites such as Amazon, eBay Chegg, Abebooks, Valor books, textbook marketplace, etc.

Refund and Late Fee Policies

  • If the order is cancelled AFTER more than 1 week, the student/cardholder receives a credit in the amount of the course fee. The credit will be honored for up to 1 year from the original enrollment date. If course fees increase in that timeframe, the student will be obligated to submit the additional amount.
  • Failure to complete the course within 63 days will result in a flat rate late fee of $25, billed directly to the student’s credit card, which will allow them up to one week of additional time to complete their course.
  • If the student does not complete the required coursework in the allotted time, there is no option to submit assignments in the future. The student must re-enroll in the course and pay the required fee entitling them to another 63 days in which to earn their certificate.